Monday, September 29, 2008

You can fool Americans all of the time.

Everyone is talking about change but we look at stupidity and accept it as normal. A candidate can talk about an energy crisis and a problem with oil and appear at an event that wastes fuel for sport. Not to mention the fuel used by all of the fans and support staff of the facility and the teams and news media. How much would we reduce demand if we cancel these events or at least offer alternatives to minimize fuel wasted.

A simple plan of teams pooling together to get to the venue and busses or some form of mass transit as opposed to the many fans sitting alone in their V8 SUVs, would at least reduce waste.

If oil is the real crisis then all motor sports should be suspended. I know this will cost many people in the business but if there is a real crisis how long can it last anyway this is as it is a sport of the rich, a celebration of bootlegging during Prohibition to a large degree, especially NASCAR. How can a candidate really stand there, and then talk to the masses that will not be able to heat their homes this winter or pay their Mortgages? These candidates are wealthy and insulated. John McCain will never worry about those personal choices.

The corporations however that sponsors these events and I am sure made large campaign donations and threw great parties at the convention are more important to him. I further question why in the digital era candidates are traveling and making appearances and utilizing the resources and money to fill up Halls and even Mile High Stadium, in a time of crisis. Everyone who can get to one of these events has a TV, Radio or Computer and could watch or hear without traveling or wasting the energy used to put on this show. Where is the reality check here? Why do the masses accept these obvious hypocrisies? Why does the American public accept always paying for the excesses of the corporate political system?

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