Monday, September 29, 2008

You can fool Americans all of the time.

Everyone is talking about change but we look at stupidity and accept it as normal. A candidate can talk about an energy crisis and a problem with oil and appear at an event that wastes fuel for sport. Not to mention the fuel used by all of the fans and support staff of the facility and the teams and news media. How much would we reduce demand if we cancel these events or at least offer alternatives to minimize fuel wasted.

A simple plan of teams pooling together to get to the venue and busses or some form of mass transit as opposed to the many fans sitting alone in their V8 SUVs, would at least reduce waste.

If oil is the real crisis then all motor sports should be suspended. I know this will cost many people in the business but if there is a real crisis how long can it last anyway this is as it is a sport of the rich, a celebration of bootlegging during Prohibition to a large degree, especially NASCAR. How can a candidate really stand there, and then talk to the masses that will not be able to heat their homes this winter or pay their Mortgages? These candidates are wealthy and insulated. John McCain will never worry about those personal choices.

The corporations however that sponsors these events and I am sure made large campaign donations and threw great parties at the convention are more important to him. I further question why in the digital era candidates are traveling and making appearances and utilizing the resources and money to fill up Halls and even Mile High Stadium, in a time of crisis. Everyone who can get to one of these events has a TV, Radio or Computer and could watch or hear without traveling or wasting the energy used to put on this show. Where is the reality check here? Why do the masses accept these obvious hypocrisies? Why does the American public accept always paying for the excesses of the corporate political system?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Be-In Festival 2008 more info.

20th Anniversary

Be-In Festival

Sunday, August 10th

12 noon (gates open at 11 am)

at the Patchogue Band Shell in Shorefront Park

(end of S. Ocean Ave.)

Emcees: Bill McNulty of WUSB 90.1 FM

and Ahmad Ali of WBAI 99.5 FM

Speakers to include:

Brian O'Haire of Suffolk Peace Network

Mitchell Cohen of the No Spray Coalition/Brooklyn Greens

and others!

Musicians to include:

George & Julius

Blacklisted & The Banned



Katie Perlman Band


Arts & Crafts


Children's Playground


(Be sure to visit the Veterans For Peace table!)

Tickets: $8.00 to prepay online at

or $10 at the gate

For more info: call 631-241-6517

Be-In Festival 2008

BeThere!TurnOn, TuneIn, Drop out,I will be your host from 4-8pm

Sunday, May 4, 2008


PeaceSmiths election results

May 4, 2008

The Spring 2008 election for new board members is completed. The following are the new members of the PeaceSmiths, Inc. board:
Margie Carr
Ahmad Ali
Sonny Meadows
Ann Mayer-Kristiansen
Dori Gloria


Thank you to all the candidates for their willingness to serve.

Congratulations to the new board.

Thank you to all the members and voters who helped us through this process.

And, thank you to the other members of the Election Committee: Daniel Levin and Steve Schmidt.

Notes for members: There will be a Membership Meeting on Wed. May 28th at 7:30 pm at the usual place - the First United Methodist Church in Amityville. See the Membership Page for agenda and ongoing updates about internal, PeaceSmiths organizing.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some History

Music >

Heat (CD - 1999)

( UPC: 00026656240027)
Price Range: $7.99 - $29.97 from 3 Sellers

Artist: Soul For Real

Label: Chrome Dome Records

Genre: R&B

Album Description:Soul IV Real: Jason Dalyrimplye, Chris Dalyrimplye, Andre Dalyrimplye, Brian Dalyrimplye.

Additional personnel includes: Liz Luchi, Dynamic Duo, Nite (vocals); Sheik Ahmad Ali Mitchel-EL (... Read More

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Album Description
Soul IV Real: Jason Dalyrimplye, Chris Dalyrimplye, Andre Dalyrimplye, Brian Dalyrimplye.

Additional personnel includes: Liz Luchi, Dynamic Duo, Nite (vocals); Sheik Ahmad Ali Mitchel-EL (guitar); Eugene Cardew (keyboards); Peter "Bear" Smith


Producers include: Soul IV Real, Robert James, Charlie Marotta, Andy & The Lamboy, Shawn (The Beat) Raynor.

Recorded at Perfect Pair Recording, East Orange, New Jersey.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

From The history of African American Music to Big Band Standards. This is the work I Love!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New York Times Article

January 27, 2008

When the Fair-Weather Sippers Disappear, Wineries Try Jazz

LAST year more than a million visitors flocked to the wineries on the East End of Long Island, watching the bud break on the vines in May, the clusters of grapes swelling along the wire trellises in summer and the harvest come fall. They crowded into tasting rooms, sipping cabernet franc, chardonnay and merlot.

Though most of the wineries are open year round, come winter — pruning season in the vineyards — traffic slows to a trickle.

For winery owners like Ann Marie Borghese of Castello di Borghese in Cutchogue, the bills keep piling up.

“In the summer it’s easy to come,” Ms. Borghese said. “You need to have something to entice the people out into the winter cold of the East End.”

Along with offering winemaker walks and tours of the fermentation room, Ms. Borghese pairs culture with fine wine. Her converted 1949 potato barn includes an art and photography gallery and tasting room, where fine food and olive oil tastings, operas and concerts are staged.

During the winter doldrums, she and her counterparts are adding the smooth sounds of jazz.

Castello di Borghese is one of 21 wineries heralding a stepped-up effort by the Long Island Wine Council, the East End Arts Council, Suffolk County and the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau to turn the Long Island Culture and Wine Winterfest, now in its fourth year, into a jazz festival.

More than 50 acts are booked over a five-week period; at Borghese they include Ahmad Ali, singer and guitarist, on Feb. 16, Paul Ferguson, guitarist and keyboardist, on March 1 and Mark Yodice, solo guitarist,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Up coming events

I post this not only because I am part of it but because Dwayne and I were neighbors in childhood!!!
Long Island Winterfest - 2008 LONG ISLAND WINTERFEST - 2008

This years festivity promises to display some of the best in Jazz & Swing music that can be offered, right next to a complimentary glass of wine. That's it!!!

The Long Island Winterfest kicks off February 8th through March 9th with endless performances to wet your pallets! Feauring Dwayne Kerr (PICTURED ABOVE), The Matt Marshak Quartet, Ahmad Ali, Ranny Reeve, Denise Richards Trio & Lots...Lots more! There is NO admission charge for these performances!!

There's a special kick-off, Friday - Feb. 8th, featuring the style & flavor of Papo Vazquez & Martha Clara Vineyards!!

To recieve more information for accomodations, list of participating wineries & schedule for live shows, please visit
Long Island Winterfest.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rally for John White

Here is the challenge for Suffolk County to show are You Racist or not. A Rally was held on behalf of a man Defending his property and more importantly the lives of his family. I am not in favor of violence, but were are all of the 2nd amendment fanatics, TheNRA the Libertarians and conservatives. If you do not assist in setting aside this verdict YOU ARE HYPOCRITES. And America will continue to plummet to its own collapse. We need to stop brain washing children with the fairy tales about the founders of this Republic. They Built this union on Racism and Slavery and it has not been corrected. Article one of the constitution has not changed and is the core of the foundation of Racism. This and legislature of New Laws to Truly protect all humans equally.This needs to be Focused on for positive change!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Castello di Borghese
Route 48/Alvah's Lane
Cutchogue, NY 11935
Phone: 631-734-5111

Saturday, February 16 • Time: 1 pm
Ahmad Ali •

Diliberto Winery
250 Manor Lane
Jamesport, NY 11947
Phone: 631-722-3416

Saturday, February 9 • Time: 1 pm
Ahmad Ali •

1216 Main Road, Rte. 25
Jamesport, NY 11947
Phone: 631-722-5256

Saturday, March 1 • Time: 1 pm
Tetrault The New Jazz on the HalfShell Band